Sunday, 20 March 2011

Task 4 - Communication Theory

I will be applying 'The Shannon-Weaver Mathematical Model for communication theory' in this analysis with a piece of graphic design for Marc Jacobs. 

Many factors can interrupt a 'perfect' communication, and they can happen anywhere between the information source and the destination. For this example the advertisement was featured in a popular men's magazine. This very specific channel capacity helps to rule out around fifty percent of its potential audience because mainly men will be reading the magazine lessening its chances of entropy.

For this case the information source would be the company (Marc Jacobs) and the transmitter would be the designer. Already some noise could be created from design ideas being misinterpreted. The designer may be being fed with multiple ideas for a design and he has to decide himself which is the best idea for the company. When the design layout is seen in  magazine there is potential for a lot of noise created by the receiver. With the designer unable to explain personally what he is trying to say in his design work the audience are free to have their own interpretation. This is why it is important that for any idea you have it is to be as clear as possible, ensuring it evokes the desired feeling, message and reaction from the audience.

The designer has used minimal text and enlarged the image on the page for maximum impact. The text 'bang' is also very large and evokes the sexual feeling reflected in the image. The whole advertisement is very bold and somewhat unforgiving in its sexual persuasion.

From the minimal use of text the perfume is only described visually in the image. For people wanting to know about the perfume before they buy it this makes the advertisement redundant for them because it doesn't communicate anything about the scent, it merely shows a male holding it making the advert less about the perfume and more about lifestyle.

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